Sacchi leaves role with FIGC

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“In a nation that does not believe in young people we have to thank the Federation for its efforts.”

Sacchi’s confirmation was preceded by FIGC director general Antonello Valentin网络外围投注i’s words.

“We worked a lot during these four years, trying to give these guys a mindset and an international dimension, increasing the number of games by 30-35 per cent.

“I informed the FIGC a year ago that I would be leaving at the end of my mandate. I have not been a good father, I have neglected my daughter, and I do not want to do the same with her granddaughter who was born recently.

Arrigo Sacchi has left his role as technical coordinator of youth at internat皇冠外围投注ional level with Italy, citing struggles in dealing with stress.

“We are here because Arrigo’s contract expires tomorrow. For us he was crucial in helping us to revive the national youth system.

“With regret a leave a job that I care greatly for, but I have a terrible adversary, that I was able to govern for 22-23 years, but that in the end is winning, and that is stress,” Sacchi has told reporters today at a Press conference.

“He has decided to leave his post at the end of his mandate, despite our insistence. Hopefully in the future he will reconsider.”

The former Milan Coach ends a four-year association with the Italian Football Federation, which had seen him responsible for development of youth players at international level from Under-16s to Under-21s.

“And then, I am no longer a young man, my recovery is much slower.